3-Level online course on mathematics for students of class VIII and above.

Mathematics is the key subject if you want to crack competitions. Competitive exams are not that easy to crack, but it is also not something impossible. With proper guidance and hard work, you can easily crack any competitive exam. But always keep in mind that it is not always about studying hard but studying in a smart way that brings you success in your examination. Being able to solve as many problems within short time will help in cracking the examination easily. This is where the Speed Trick classes comes into room. By using speed maths tricks, one can solve aptitude and reasoning problems quicker than normal method. We train the aspirants with simple and easy to learn speed tricks to implement in competitive exams. It is time to start your preparation with EduConcepts!.

Live interactive classes

10 students in a batch

Doubt solving sessions

Experts taking classes

Sharpen the mental calculation abilities

Enhance the problem-solving abilities

Improve the reasoning skills

Prepares the students for competitive exams

Tricks and techniques to improve calculation ability

Time saving techniques for competitive exams

Our first batch students completed the course ‘Maths Made Fun” successfully. Next batch is starting soon, wait for our demo video!


“Maths Made Fun is helpful for me. The techniques and tricks I learned help me a lot to do maths much faster than ever!”
Kshamia Baiju
Christ Nagar Public School, Attingal

“The classes were very interesting. That class helped me to do the calculations easily.I can find the answer quickly by multiplying and dividing the numbers in my mind. I enjoyed learning easy ways for doing mathematical calculations. Now maths is easier to learn than ever before!.”
Aadisooryan S
K. E. Carmel Central School, Muhamma

“A wonderful, live and interactive environment to learn speedy tricks to solve mathematics problems. I loved it!”
Ameya Saji
Christujayanthi Public School, Ernakulam