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On behalf of EduConcepts , it was our great pleasure to welcome each and everyone of you to the technical journey through the future possibilities AI and Robotics. The event brought together  all the AI enthusiasts and industry professionals who gave an insight into the emerging opportunities of AI and Robotics. The event gathered almost 200 attendees from different engineering colleges all over Kerala, letting them exchange and discuss the opportunities and challenges of AI.

The event was started with the inaugural speech of Mr. Prasad Balakrishan, CEO, Makervillage, Kalamassery.

EduConcepts being an women  initiative we honoured a women entrepreneur Mrs. Chandra Vadhana R, CEO, Prayaana.

Our keynote speaker:

Dr.Roshy John

Global Head, Robotics & Cognitive Systems TCS

Mr. John spoke about the future possibilities of Al and Robotics and had given an insight into the opportunities in the upcoming years. Pointed out the various tools and software available to work with and learn to explore more in this field.

Mr. Rajaram Moorthy

Chief Architect in AI & Robotics, TCS

Mr. Moorthy gave a detailed structure of the various support platforms and industrial applications of AI.

Mr. Abhishek Roy
Application Engineer, MathWorks India, Bangalore

Mr. Roy delivered speech on Robotics & Autonomous Systems with a live ROBOTIC ARM and presented an informative and interactive session with the live ROBOT.

We thank all those who made the long journey to join us at KSUM, Kalamassery and hope you had an enjoyable and educational experience. We look forward to seeing you in all our future endeavours.